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My students bought me this scroll for Christmas. It is made of silk and, as you can see, it depicts two cranes.

Crane Scroll.Christmas 2012
Crane Scroll.
Christmas 2012

It is believed that the White Crane can live for a very long time because it knows how to conserve and protect its essence (jing). The Crane trains you to recognise proper timing and patience. It teaches perfect control and balance. When it is necessary to be slow (stillness), then be slow, have patience. When it is necessary to be fast, act fast, do not waste time or the opportunity will pass you by and you may never get it again.

In Chinese 5 Elements Philosophy, the element associated to the crane is wood. It is also paired with the liver and the gall bladder organs in the body. The gall bladder and the heart are responsible for making decisions, which will help you know when you need to have patience and when to act fast. The liver is also associated with the mind. Strengthening these organs will give you confidence to act on the decisions that you make.

Hung Ga Kung Fu is centred around the attack and defence patterns of the tiger and the crane. They balance each other and compliment each other. The combination of the two produce extreme, hard and soft power. At Yee’s Hung Ga Kung Fu Academy in Inverness you can learn about these two animals and the philosophies associated with them. In the Qi-Gong classes you can learn how to regulate and balance the associated organs within the body in correspondence with these philosophies, helping you to live a fulfilling and healthy life. New students are always welcome and if you have any further questions or would like to attend a class please email Sifu Hepple [email protected]