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Sifu Hepple Tested by Master Frank Yee

It was smiles all round this weekend (26th-27th May 2012) as 30 students from the Aberdeen branch, the European headquarters, of Yee’s Hung Ga Kung Fu Association passed their gruelling tests in front of the watchful eye of 10th Dan Great Grand Master Frank Yee (Yee Chi Wai.)
Master Frank Yee filmed some of the occasion specifically to broadcast on Chinese television. He has previously filmed a four part documentary which reached critical acclaim in China. He hopes to repeat this success with his new documentary featuring the many branches of Yee’s Hung Ga Kung Fu Association Worldwide. Master Frank Yee said, “We have many branches, the headquarters being in Guangdong Province, China but also throughout America and we are also branching out into Europe. Our European headquarters are in Aberdeen but we also have schools in Peterhead, Edinburgh and a new one has just opened up in Inverness, as well as new ones planned for Berlin, Prague and possibly even London too. This demonstrates a trend in martial arts students favouring more traditional styles all over the world.”
A large portion of the tests were completed at an advanced level. Chief instructor of the newly opened Inverness branch, Sifu Simon Hepple, passed his 3rd Dan black belt and was also a judge on many of the tests. “The level of skill and determination over the weekend was fantastic to witness. There was a lot of nerves and tensions were high but the passion illustrated by all the students was very obvious. They all worked extremely hard to achieve their goals and all deserved to achieve them.” On receiving his certificate another student said, “I’ve never trained so hard or wanted anything so badly in my whole life. I was incredibly nervous and now that it is all over, I feel a tremendous relief. The hard work never stops though and my black belt is only just the beginning.”


3rd Dan Award
Sifu Hepple recieves his 3rd Dan
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