This page is full of answers to some practical, and not so practical, questions that you might find helpful.

Q. What is Hung Ga?

A. Check out the About page on this site.

Q. Where is the school?

A. The school is above “The Phone Clinic” on Inverness High Street, opposite “Dorothy Perkins” See this map for map location

Q. When are the classes?

A. Please contact Sifu Hepple for classes or see the Classes page for updated info and timetables.

Q. Where can I park?

A. The nearest parking is on Raining Stairs but there is plenty of parking either at the Eastgate Centre or on Castle Street. You can see the location of the school and surrounding parking on this map.

Q. What should I wear and bring with me?

A. Loose clothing and flat comfortable shoes or trainers is advised for all classes. There will be a unisex changing room with cubicles to change in and lockers to put your jewellery and valuables in. A uniform will be required for kung fu classes after an introductory period.

Q. How much do the classes cost?

A. Good news, the first class is free! 🙂 After that the classes are priced as on the Classes page of this site. A monthly rate is also available which will give you access to all classes within the timetable. Please contact Sifu Hepple for further details.

Q. Who will be teaching me?

A. Please see the Sifu Page of this site.