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Kids Classes Every Wednesday 4.30pm

With the new school term starting back up, it’s a good time to think about extra curricular activities to help keep the kids busy afterwards. Hung Ga Kung Fu is a great way for kids to get some exercise as well as keep their minds active and focused.

We run a kids Hung Ga class every Wednesday from 4.30pm-5.30pm for children aged 6 upwards. The first class is FREE, as normal, and only £4 per class thereafter, offering great value for money. They will be taught by Jenny Thomas, a senior student at YHGInverness. Jenny is a member of the PVG Scheme (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) with an ‘Enhanced Disclosure’ so you know that your children are in safe hands. She is also a very friendly and approachable person.

The school is centrally located on the High Street, in the middle of the main shopping precinct. There’s plenty of adequate parking nearby and a pick-up and drop-off bay right outside the school on the pedestrian zone.

After being sat at a desk all day, kung fu is a healthy,fun way to get the blood pumping and the the body kick-started again. It will help with the child’s knowledge retention as well as keeping their bodies fit and healthy, not to mention working up an appetite for their evening meal. Kung fu is not all about self defence, your child will also learn essential skills which they will need in later life. Being respectful to their elders and each other, working as a team, problem solving, acting fast and thinking on their feet, learning about other cultures and history, learning about the body and the functions of the organs, learning virtues such as patience, perseverance, humility and integrity. All martial artists need these basic skills to progress and develop but sadly they are overlooked in modern teaching methods. Your child will learn all this and more at Yee’s Hung Ga Kung Fu Academy but probably the most important quality that they will learn is self-worth.