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Chinese New Year Demonstration and Seminars

Yee’s Hung Ga Inverness students were invited to attend an insightful day of seminars and introductions to other martial arts, last weekend, by the Scottish Fighting Arts Society.

Birthday Seminar

The event was organised by Alan Mitchell from the Smithton Kempo School and seminars were hosted by instructors from Hapkido, Kempo, Ju-Jitsu and also from Yee’s Hung Ga Kung Fu Academy.

The seminars were very insightful, giving students and instructors a glimpse into the world of other styles and systems which they may not have been introduced to before. There were many similarities between the various arts which demonstrates the common bond that we share. It was refreshing to see the differences in similar techniques and the thought processes behind them. “We all have similar goals but go about it in different ways.” Sifu Hepple, from Yee’s Hung Ga, stated during his seminar. “We are all part of the same family, yet have different paths.”

Here are a few photos from the day:

Sifu Hepple has also been invited to host a free seminar and kung fu demonstration in his home-town of Forres, for the coming Chinese New Year celebrations.

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Sifu Hepple will be performing the Chun Choy Dai Do (kwan do) on Friday the 15th of February, in the Forres Town Hall shortly before the martial arts film at 6.30pm.

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Sifu Hepple will also be hosting a free seminar on Saturday the 16th of February in Forres House at 2pm where you can find out about the legendary Chinese hero, Wong Fei Hung and try your hand at some Hung Ga Kung Fu fighting techniques.