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Success for students

Congratulations to the 3 students from Yee’s Hung Ga, Inverness who passed their grading tests in November at the Aberdeen branch.

Jenny Thomas, one of the students from Inverness said, “It was such a fantastic experience to visit The Granite City, train in such a renowned school and learn from such a well respected Master, Sifu Bruce Clark. Even if I had failed the tests I would do it all again, just for the experience.”

Davis Anston, another ecstatic student from Inverness said, “I’ve never trained so hard or wanted anything so badly in my whole life. I was incredibly nervous and now that it is all over, I feel a huge relief.”

Sifu Simon Hepple, the Chief Instructor at the Inverness school, said, “I am incredibly proud of my students. They have trained very hard for a long time to get to this level and they all did very well on the day. This is just the first step of many though, they will have to keep up the good work to keep the standards high.”

The Inverness kung fu school, located on the High Street, opened earlier this year and has already managed to grade its first students. “It has grown from strength to strength,” said Sifu Hepple, “Since we started accepting students, earlier this year, we have expanded the premises and built the school up a bit at a time. We plan to do further work to the property next year which will include a courtyard where the students can practice outside. 2013 should be an exciting year for us in Inverness. We also have plans to host some free seminars for anyone to come along to, so that they can see for themselves what we do and what our martial art is about. This would be an ideal opportunity for anyone thinking about taking up a martial art or getting fit and healthy in the New Year to try it out and get involved.”

New students are always welcome. Please email for details: [email protected]

Students & Sifus from Aberdeen, Peterhead and Inverness.
Students & Sifus from Aberdeen, Peterhead and Inverness.